Corporate Taxation

Corporate Tax Consulting & Planning

  • Tax consulting (self-employed vs incorporating, opening GST account or not, salary vs dividend)
  • Corporation share structure designing
  • Analysis of mergers & acquisitions and restructuring

Corporation Routine Taxation and Annual Taxation

  • Payroll tax calculating and payroll deduction remitting
  • GST/HST consulting, calculating and return filling
  • Yearly filing of T4 employment income, T5 dividend declared, WCB employee insurance, ROE employment record etc.

Corporate Income Tax Return Filing

  • Adjustment of taxable income
  • Business income calculating (Active business income)
  • Investment income calculating (Passive income)
  • T2 income tax return and related schedules and filing

Dealing with CRA Tax Review and Audit

  • Analysis the reasons of CRA tax review or audit
  • Assisting clients with the document preparation
  • Reviewing all the documents to be submitted
  • Communicating and discussing with CRA
  • Replying to CRA’s letters

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